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 Tanya Harsha Makeup Artistry 
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We strive to provide our clients with a luxurious and comprehensive beauty experience. Our salon offers a wide range of services, including expert nail art and extensions, makeup services, hairstyling, and much more. Whatever your beauty needs may be, we are here to cater to them with the utmost care and professionalism.

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If you're passionate about makeup and want to take your skills to the next level, a makeup course is the perfect opportunity to expand your knowledge and expertise. Whether you aspire to become a professional makeup artist or simply want to enhance your personal makeup application techniques, a makeup course can provide you with the necessary tools and guidance.


Our academy is committed to delivering the finest learning experience, offering cutting-edge, up-to-date, and trending knowledge. Every course is personally conducted by Tanya Harsha, ensuring the highest standard of instruction.


How do our courses work?

Functionality You Will Love

It offers a well-rounded curriculum that covers a variety of makeup looks and techniques, ensuring students receive comprehensive training. From signature glittery eyes to bridal looks and color correction, this course covers a wide range of styles and skills. The inclusion of airbrush knowledge is an added bonus, as it is a popular technique in the industry.

In addition to makeup, the course also incorporates basic hairdo techniques. Teaching students how to straighten, blow dry, curl, and create different hairstyles, including bridal buns and messy buns, provides a holistic approach to beauty services. It's great that the course emphasises the use of necessary tools and accessories, ensuring students are well-prepared to practice and apply what they learn. Students needing to bring their own hair brushes, combs, hairspray, hairpins, and accessories. This is important for students to come prepared and ensure they have the necessary tools for their hair styling requirements during the makeup and hair courses or services.

The inclusion of demonstrations on different skin tones and matured skin is a valuable aspect of the course. It highlights the importance of understanding and catering to diverse client needs and preferences. This knowledge will help students navigate the beauty industry more inclusively and provide services that are suitable for all skin types and ages.

Overall, the course's duration of 20 classes seems appropriate for covering the mentioned topics. It allows enough time for thorough instruction, practice, and feedback. It's important to note that practicing outside of class hours is crucial to honing skills and gaining proficiency. Students enrolling in this makeup course can expect to gain a solid foundation in different makeup looks and techniques, as well as fundamental hairdo skills. With this well-rounded education, they will be equipped to pursue a career as a makeup artist or expand their personal makeup repertoire.

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